"Pop Simion" house
The construction which today houses the Mayor's Office and the Local Council of Vișeu De Sus Town, was the former administration of the estates of Pop Simion, and dates back to the beginning of twentieth century Read more
About Vișeu de Sus
Vişeu de Sus is located in the north-eastern part of the County of Maramureş, in the Maramureş Depression, at the confluence of the Vişeu and Vaser Valleys. The first documentary record of the locality appears in "Diplome maramureșene din sec. XIV-XV" / "XIV-XV century Maramureş Diplomas" by Ioan... Read more
Maramureşului mountains natural park
Located in the North-East of Maramureș county, Maramureșului Mountains Natural Park has a surface of 148,850 ha and is the largest natural park in Romania. The central part and the highest part of the chain of mountains crosses the park from North-West to South-East and comprises the most... Read more
Vaserului Valley
The most valuable natural objective from Vişeu de Sus area is Vaserului Valley which stands out by the existence of mocăniței (steam train), the main attraction of tourists, with a tourist tradition dating back to 20th century. Read more
Mocănița on Vaserului Valley
Since 1932, the Forestry Railway Vișeu de Sus has functioned almost without stop, being the last one of this kind in Europe which is still being used for the transport of wood. Since 2000 steam trains for tourists have regularly travelled on Vaserului Valley. The season starts in the spring and... Read more

To Vișeu de Sus

By train:
  • Cluj-Napoca - Sighetu Marmației route Leaves Cluj-Napoca at 15:40, arrives in Vișeu de Jos at 20:44.
More information: www.infofer.ro.

By bus:
  • Germany - Austria - Hungary - Romania route daily Mayer & Mayer charters.
  • Baia-Mare - Vişeu de Sus route, with the operators: Dracard, Geo Tur, Transgrup Ionut and Auto Balmir, daily departures at: 7:00, 7:30, 9:00, 9:25, 11:30, 14:00, 15:00 și 17:00.
  • Cluj - Vişeu de Sus route - departures from Cluj Napoca at 07:00 and 14:30 from Beta Bus station.
  • Borșa - Vișeu de Sus route - departures at 7:30 and 14:00.
More information: www.autogari.ro.
Cultural events
National Festival of Satire and Humor Smiles in April
  • Date of organization: last weekend in April
The competition is organized in three sections: epigrams on given topics, parody and book of humor (epigrams, fables, short stories, etc.). Within the festival events and several shows, complementary to…
National Festival of Literature and Folklore Spring Harmonies
  • Date of organization: last weekend in May
The festival is divided into two main sections, literature and folklore, and it carries on in this format since the first edition. Literature Day is centered on the award ceremony…
The International Painting Camp Impressionism on the Vaser Valley - a project part of the decentralized cooperation Vişeu de Sus-Croissy sur Seine, France
  • Date of organization: mid-July
The theme of the camp was chosen by taking into account artistic, touristic and heritage considerations. Thus, the cooperation with local authorities and the cultural elite of one of the…
The Town Festival
  • Date of organization: end of July
The events dedicated to the town festival aims at creating an atmosphere of celebration. Thus, in order to meet the needs of as many audiences, a diverse range of cultural…
National Day of Romania
National Day of Romania: Military Parade accompanied by brass bands, Te Deum at the monument, laying of flower wreaths, speeches of the officials, concert of patriotic songs, the union round…
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