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Vaserului Valley

Vaserului Valley
The most valuable natural objective from Vişeu de Sus area is Vaserului Valley which stands out by the existence of mocăniței (steam train), the main attraction of tourists, with a tourist tradition dating back to 20th century.
Vaserului Valley comprises a huge forested area, which is not inhabited up to the camps of workers and the only way of access is the forestry railway. As area which is part of Natural Park "Maramureşului Mountains", Vaserului Valley is under European protection, its forestry use is allowed with the observance of environmental obligations which assure that the forest will be preserved at its current capacity. The forestry railway of narrow track gauge (760 mm) offers the lovers of railway trips and not only very special landscapes along a route of about 50 km. Along the line one can discover the most picturesque forms of nature: steep banks which start right near the line, secular forests or massive cliffs crossed by tunnels.

Vaserului Valley is increasingly becoming a destination sought for its hunting tourism. Depending on the hunting season, here you can hunt stags (between 1st September and 15th December), boars (between 1st August and 15th February), bears (only with special approval) or wood grouse (between 1st April and 15th May).

Tourist routes:
  • The trip by narrow gauge train on the route Vişeu de Sus - CFF station Făina and return, with a duration of one day, for this purpose the industrial platform Vaser was arranged for tourists;
  • The route with departure from Poiana Novăț – Novicior, climbing Greben Peak, Obcioarei Crest, descent at Borcut, climbing to former baths of Novicior and return to CFF Novicior station, with duration of one day;
  • Hitchhiking trip for 2 days with departure from CFF Novăţ Station, going on CFF Line to Ihoasa – Râpi – Roşu (night stay in tent), with climbling on Preluca lui Gotan, Picioarele Gradului, Toroiaga Peak, Ţiganu Peak and return to Măcârlău (on Vaser);
  • Hitchhiking trip between Novicior – Băi, Plaiu Popii, Preluca Pipei and descent to CFF Făina;
  • Hitchhiking trip between CFF Botizu Station, climbing 3 km on Botizu Valley, Lutoasa and access to the border with Ukraine (beautiful landscape towards Ukraine and Poland);
  • Hitchhiking trip from CFF Botizu Station – 3 km on the valley upwards, to the left on forestry road towards Bardău Peak (beautiful landscape towards the whole Maramureşul);
  • Crest route following the border with Ukraine, 4-5 days, from CFF Comanu Station, with climbing on Comanu Mic Peak and passage through peaks Gliganu, Ştevioara, Lostun, Făina, Şuligu, Pietriceaua, Lutoasa, Bardău, Băiţa (Cozia), Şoimu and descent through Rea Valley.